There are a few different types of specialty clovers available for you to choose from. 

I personally grew each of these clovers. Everyone of them will be different, depending upon various conditions affecting each of them like sunshine, availability of water, insect damage and the like. None of the clovers are in "perfect" condition due to being grown outside and having to contend with the natural forces in effect in such conditions. Just like none of us are perfect and without blemish, so too is it the way with these clovers. No two will be the same.

All clovers were laminated soon after being picked. They will remain looking freshly picked if you do not expose them to direct sunlight, otherwise, they will fade to almost a transparent form.

Another thing, the lamination is sealed around the outside of the yellow page. If you break the "seal" by sticking a tack or something through the lamination where the paper is, then air will be able to enter and have access to the clover. This will result in your clover now aging. This means mold will grow on it and it will now decay. Do not break the seal. If you want to tack the clover saying on a wall then insert the tack through the lamination surrounding the paper being careful not to get too close to the paper itself. 

I have laminated these clovers back in the early 2000's. There are a limited number of them available. If all of these sell, then perhaps I will go back to my patch and harvest some more. I am expecting to sell them as individuals, but if someone wants a bulk amount for a wedding or some other event then please email me for a bulk shipping price.  

The Story Behind the Lucky Clovers

One day I was walking along the sidewalk and I felt something 'calling out to me'. I looked down for what it was. I didn't see anything unusual for quite some time, then all of a sudden there it was, a four leaf clover. It seemed to be staring right up at me. I have searched all of my life for a four leaf clover but had never found one. Now here it was calling out to me.

I was taking a horticulture class at the local Community College at the time so I thought that I would pick it and bring it in and get it to root. This way I would have a four leaf clover plant. I was very excited, but the clover died. I went back to the patch to search for another. To my great surprise, there was another. This time I tried rooting powder to see if I could get the cutting to root. Still, it died. I returned for a third time to the patch of clover and was lucky enough to find still another four-leaf clover growing. This was indeed some special plant. I took great care with this cutting, but it too still died.

Now this clover patch was growing in the open in someone's lawn. But I returned again to see what I could find. To my amazement, there was a three, four and five leaf clover growing out of one stem. This was too much for me. I dug up that section of the plant with its roots and brought it directly home and planted it. 

I took extra special care of this plant and it grew into a healthy plant. When it was really big I took cuttings from it and transplanted them into other containers. This allowed me to grow a lot of this clover plant. I came up with the name 'SHAMROCK HILL' and the saying of 'WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE'. I wrote down a traditional Irish blessing and purchased myself some yellow paper and proceeded to laminate some of these special clovers.

While I grew these special clovers I studied the plant. I noticed that there were a few different varieties of leafs that were present. I wondered about the shamrock being the four leaf clover and what was the saying behind it that made it special. I asked around but no one knew. I researched it but once again, no one knew what made the four leaf clover special. It was lucky and that was it.

My clovers made it through the first winter and during the summer I grew a forest of them. This is when I laminated quite a few, like a hundred or so. As the winter approached the clovers started to die off. I didn't know what was happening to them. I tried everything to keep them alive, nothing worked. As I came down to my last few plants, out of desperation I traveled off to my State University, which happens to be an agricultural research University, to find a professor to help me.

I was going to be graduating from my local Community College in December and was going to be attending the University in the Spring, but my clovers couldn't wait until then. They were going to be going to the University first. I searched out a professor of plant science. He was in charge of one of the greenhouses on campus and had agreed to allow me to bring my couple of plants down to see if I could keep them alive over the winter.

I brought down my dwindling supply of my last plants. They still looked pretty healthy so chances were good that they would make it through the winter, but as the days went by they continued to die off. There seemed to be nothing that could be done to save them. It got down to my last plant, and as I and the professor watched it wither and wilt away, we knew what was coming. It was down to the last leaf, and this one was not looking good, when the professor said that it was over, nothing could be done to save the plant. He gave up hope, but not me. This was the only four leaf clover that I had ever found, and I was not about to give up, even if it truly did look like the end.

I went outside and gathered some snow. I placed it around the plant and sprinkled some miracle grow onto the snow. I knelt down and breathed slowly onto the snow, melting it with the miracle grow into the soil around the plant. The professor just shook his head, watching my futile attempts continue. It looked hopeless. I returned for the next two days watching this one leaf wither and die. I came back on the third day to throw out my plant and pick up the greenhouse. You cannot imagine my excitement when I arrived to see a very small but emerging shoot coming up from my plant. It was still alive!

I continued the snow treatment for several days. The professor was astonished. He said that he had never seen a plant so close to death come back to life. From that humble resurrection, I grew another forest of my special plant.

I tried to get the University to research the leaf number gene cluster from my plant, for it was a very special plant that produced a variety of different leaf types. This was the one in a billion plant that was just right for this research. My thinking was that if you could isolate the leaf number gene, then you could place it back into any other plant species. The more leafs, the faster the plant will be able to grow. This would allow for agricultural plants to be grown in climates with shorter growing seasons. This would also mean that medicinal plants, that the medicinal chemical is in the leaf, would produce more medicine per plant. I believed that a find of this nature could change the world for the better. Unfortunately, the University was not as enthusiastic as I was. I tried to do the research on my own but failed. I did not have the proper equipment needed for such an endeavor.

Anyway, I found out that clover is a two-year plant. It survives through the first winter but it will die during the second. It goes according to the sundial and there is nothing that can be done to change it. I started to harvest seeds so that I could continue to have my very special plant. The scientific name of this clover species is Trifolium repens. I still grow this plant and continue to collect the seeds today.

I still believe that this plant holds the key to the leaf number gene and any scientist or institution that wants to help in the search for this world changing discovery, I will be happy to be a part of it with my very special plant. Please contact me directly through the contact page .

How I came up with the saying

I took a trip to Ireland in March of 2000. This was during my spring break from college. I went over there to see if anyone there knew what made the four leaf clover, what we in America call a shamrock, special.

The people of Ireland were very appalled that I would call a four leaf clover a shamrock. They insisted that it was the three leaf clover that saint Patrick had used to teach the Irish people about the blessed trinity of God that was indeed the true shamrock. The four leaf clover meant nothing. That was the reaction that I got from all over the Island.

On the plane ride home to America I was struck by a thought of what would make not only the four leaf clover special, but the three leaf with a split in one leaf as well as a five leaf clover. I did not need to write the saying down because it was just so natural that it could not be forgotten.

When I got home I wrote the saying down on my computer. Then I printed out the saying on golden yellow paper to use as my cardstock for when I laminated any future clovers. I laminated clovers for the next couple of years, all of them with this new saying of mine. 

This saying still makes perfect sense to me today. When you read it, think to yourself if it makes sense to you. ENJOY!



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