1. Is this WORKBOOK for me?
YES! This WORKBOOK is designed to help everyone. By following the steps that I have outlined you will be able to repair the imbalance(s) in your life.

2. How long will it take me to reach a full recovery?
Time is of no essence, it is how you spend your time that matters. The time that it takes everyone to find their own full recovery is going to be different for each individual. The more truthful you are with yourself, the faster you will progress toward successful results. Additionally, the harder you work on achieving your recovery, the quicker it will come to you.

3. What problem will be solved for me by working the WORKBOOK program? 
You will discover the person that GOD made you
to be. You will feel whole and like a real and well balanced human being.

4. What is the goal of recovery in this WORKBOOK?
Self-development. To find and repair your broken or missing self, which will lead you to find and to become your real true self.

5. Why is the book called "Another Pair of Work Shoe's"?
Because it takes work to achieve the real recovery to know thy self. You need to be willing to work the program as it is laid out before you. It will take a while, and it will not be an easy road, hence, as you travel this road you will be putting on one pair of work shoes after another.

6. What do I need in order to work this WORKBOOK?
You will need a willing attitude, to be able to be truthful with yourself and a writing journal in which to write down your assignments.

7. Why is it a self-help book?
Because there is no pressure of time, you can progress at your own pace. You proceed through the WORKBOOK one assignment at a time. Sometimes the assignment will be easy and you will move forward quickly. Other times an assignment will have many parts to it and it will take you quite a while before you can proceed onto the next assignment.

8. Will this WORKBOOK help me to become a better person?
YES it can, it is all up to you. I give you the information and the exercises so that you can view life and all of its situations in a different way. Seeing life in a different way will allow you the opportunity to make different decisions about the situations that you face, and therefore have different outcomes and results to those situations. It is by your decisions that will define how you are as a person and how you are treated by society as a whole.

9. Will I become a 'new me' by working this WORKBOOK?
YES! You will discover your true and whole self. You were blinded by the false self, but after working the WORKBOOK, you will become whole rather than separated from your self.

10. Will I be able to remove my anger and rage as a result of working this WORKBOOK?
YES! By learning the skill of seeing the truth of the lie inside of you. This is sometimes called the wounded self.
11. Can I use the eBooks on all my devices?
YES! You can convert the ePub file into a variety of other types of files to work with whatever device you have.
To easily convert the ePub file into a different format for free visit:

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