Professional Manual

This is 'The Manual' written to assist the "Professional" in helping their client(s) to work through the Author's WORKBOOK Program to Rehabilitation and Recovery.

This manual details each and every assignment that the client will be given to accomplish, with a step by step approach to leading the client along their individual road to Recovery. 

This manual explains to the Professional 'Why' they are asking the client to perform each assignment, as well as focussing on 'What' the client is supposed to be "LEARNING" from each assignment.

This manual directs the Professional in what the client needs to learn from each assignment before moving on in the workbook program. It also offers some additional ways in which to get the client motivated in the direction that is desired for a particular assignment. 

This manual is an ABSOLUTE MUST for any professional who is intending to help other people in working their way through the WORKBOOK Program to Rehabilitation and Recovery.

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